Nakameguro Post, Tokyo

A view from Nakameguro locals. Cafe, Foods, Running, Trends and something from Nakeguro / 目黒川沿い暮らしもかれこれ10年。カフェ、ランニング、食事、トレンド、徒然なるままに感じたことを発信します。

Coffee town Nakameguro

Starbucks Reserve Roastary Tokyo Nakameguro now

Soon We get Starbucks Reserve in Nakameguro ! The coffee town Ikejiriohashi will have super new member in it. We can look terrace ( that may allow us to have beautiful Sakura band sight along Meguro river from there in end of March.) And a…

SIDEWALK STAND - Baisen & Bagel Open !

"coffee town" Ikejiriohashi - #nakameguro #sidewalkstand #sidewalkstandbaisenand bagel

La Bitta

Brand-new Toho University Medical Center Ohashi Hospital / 新生 東邦大橋病院

Our great safety net Toho Medical Center totally re-built along 246 street, Ikejiri-Ohashi station. That looks like beautiful cafe or library... Yelp Captcha

Bondai Cafe has come to Meguro River side, Nakemguro ! ボンダイカフェが目黒川付近に!



Starbucks Reserve Roastery will come to Japan, Nakamegruo !

Wow, world forth Starbuck Reserve Roastery will come to near my home, side of Meguro River - which is the famous Sakura(桜) hanami spot in Japan. Since its day1 will be a year after, the construction started now. We can taste…


ことの始まり 6歳の長男と、4歳になったばかりの長女がいまして、上の子が小学生に上がる前に海外に行ってこうということになり、折角だから滅多にいけないところへ・・・といろいろ調べました。期間が1週間で自然が多いところ、ハワイかオーストラリアか…