Nakameguro Post, Tokyo

A view from Nakameguro locals. Cafe, Foods, Running, Trends and something from Nakeguro / 目黒川沿い暮らしもかれこれ10年。カフェ、ランニング、食事、トレンド、徒然なるままに感じたことを発信します。

Starbucks Reserve Roastery will come to Japan, Nakamegruo !

Wow,  world forth Starbuck Reserve Roastery will come to near my home, side of Meguro River - which is the famous Sakura(桜) hanami spot in Japan.

 Since its day1 will be a year after, the construction started now. We can taste both beautiful rare Starbucks Reseave just roasted on this site and beautiful Sakura - cherry blossom together,  look foward to it ! 


And Olympic game will come, soon, 2020.